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  • Sanvari Malik

April 5,2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

11:23 pm All this time thinking of the people out there on autopilot, doing whatever they are asked to do. They don't question, they don't look for answers, they don't listen to their gut. This is political. And this is personal. On a personal level, whatever their age or awareness may count in numbers, they are stepping in a political atmosphere when they flow on with things like the #CAA, #JantaCurfew or #9baje9minute without a thought. They got to be aware for that, no excuses. They got to figure out when it stops making sense. The PM using the word 'Diwali' and people bursting crackers hearing the only word- it was stupid and it might have paced us back in this resistance against the Corona Virus.

The current times are weird, in every way: personal, social, political, cultural. The past few days, it all seemed nostalgic and how it used to be then. The happy times, the old times. The dogs barking far away but audible as just loud as the last echo repetition. The animals chirpy and out and about freely where nature rests; that is, everywhere. The breaths seem more oxygenated, fresher, more lively. It is not entirely like it was back then for we still have internet and there no letter, landline surge whatsoever. A part of me wishes for all that's left to make this just like the old times. However this ends, I hope the times and people are sensitive to the space nature has created for itself in these past few days. Or else it would conclude to be momentarily freedom for the nature and it's babies.

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