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  • Sanvari Malik

April 7 2020



"Put a price on emotion, Looking for something to buy" Harry Styles is saving the music industry. Big time! You know how there are artists ho fall into this group of people who are pure light. Everything else is shallow and transient. They are not. They are art and hence, they create it. There is a 'fine line' between what makes sense and what doesn't. Like the 'Before ...' series? I guess, at the end of..things, we seek the things which hold a meaning; for depth; for the fathomable. All of this is subjective so, it should differ for each one of us. *sigh* Right now, my meaning is 'sanity' and in 'having the brain of my own' (so that i can have a room of my own). Everything seems to link back to the political situation in the country. Only if people could think for themselves, for their own sanity and their own perspective. It is so important to have a perspective of one's own on things, on a lot of things that matter to them directly; most of the things that connects to one ona daily basis. How is it okay for t he governments to give us a number of people who are expected to die in this epidemic? What do we have these governments for? This is it! We don't vote for or representatives to play the game of survival of the fittest in the end. They are accountable. For each and every death. How dare they give us such a window of expected deaths. And people are okay with this as long as they don't fall in this game of 'expected numbers'. And they ask us for funds! Not that I am relating 5G with Corona Virus, but we don't need it if you cannot have and maintain a normal standard of health facilities in the country. A paper-thin population 'needs' a 5G network. People can't afford to eat here, on a daily basis. The utter capitalism needs to pause and wait for the people lagging behind to catch up. Your standard of living makes no sense if you are driving a good car but though streets flooded with water and pot holes and people and strays out about on their feet to look for their next meal of the day. The government is doing you NO favor in saving your life, giving you 'good' facilities, a 'good' life . It is their job; ONLY job! You are the one they are accountable to! All of this is for you! I really like how Delhi is handling it all so differently, such transparency, such accountability. It makes me so happy. It eases down the anxiety the political atmosphere give me, personally, usually. 11:43 pm

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